Few notes to myself

I really wanted to learn the consistency when it comes to my blog – I wanted to always post at 6 pm on Sundays (and maybe other days later on). Unfortunately today I failed but it’s not entirely my fault. We have a Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day today and tomorrow in Poland so obviously I visited mine and spent some time with them. On top of that I have my exams at uni right now and it’s going to last until around mid-February which means lots and lots and LOTS of studying. This upcoming week I have one on Wednesday (if I get 5 which is the highest mark here I don’t have to take another exam from this course’s lecture – fingers crossed I will) and on Thursday (all the political systems – yay) and it’s only the beginning so it’s really going to be hectic. Therefore today’s post is not only late but also a bit shorter (maybe that’s a yay for some readers – let me know in the comments what’s your perfect post length). Here are few notes to myself as this week’s summary. Continue reading “Few notes to myself”


Short story about the virtueless

Today I wanted to write about minimalist lifestyle and why I want to implement it into my life. But I won’t – not today. I’ve been wondering if I should do this post until the very second I started typing and I decided to do it. I want to comment on the Logan Paul’s suicide forest video and although I’m not a part of the YouTube community (at least not the creators’ side) I am part of this bigger Internet community which is basically bringing everyone together. I want to leave my opinion here because it’s a topic that I consider important and I believe every single one of us should have something to say about it.

Just a little note at the end of the introduction: if you know the story you may skip the first part of my post. Continue reading “Short story about the virtueless”

Failing hard in the first week

Good day everybody! I hope you just had an amazing first week of 2018 working on all of  your resolutions and building all the amazing new habits. And if you didn’t intend to change anything – I just hope you enjoyed this week as much as anybody else. To me this was a week of failing. Maybe not entirely but the pros are definitely overwhelmed by the cons. I wanted to start my healthy diet, meditation, kick out procrastination – and instead I did the complete opposite. I feel like it was just another week of Christmas break and although I went back to uni – even this didn’t make me too productive (even though I tried so hard). I’m trying to find an excuse, something to blame but it’s just not working. The only one to blame is me – oh well…

But complaining is not what I wanted to do today. I decided not to let this first week ruin my whole month or even a year (since I haven’t started on the 1st of January I could just wait for another one, right?). I was thinking to myself that maybe it’s actually healthy for me to not start on the 1st? Well yes, I desperately look for the bright side. Maybe if I find my own pace and the right time it’s going to be more natural and easier? But – I will stop wondering at this point and just focus on what’s in front of me which is still over 350 days to work on myself. I will accept my failure and humbly take the first step forward. Fingers crossed this time it’s actually forward.

On a positive note there are few things that I did this week which could be possibly labelled as meaningful so I’ll focus on them now. Continue reading “Failing hard in the first week”

Tidying up my mind for 2018

What’s the best time for the first ever blog post than just hours before the 1st of January? Maybe only 1st of January itself. But I really wanted to write something today, something about getting ready for the upcoming 2018. Something that’s going to motivate me whenever I come back to this post in the future. So here they are – things I want to get rid of; habits I want to keep and those I want to build this year; long-term goals and plans. All written down and ready to be achieved in this brand new package of 365 days. Continue reading “Tidying up my mind for 2018”