About Me

Are we kind enough towards each other?


I’ve always been interested in blogging. This huge community supporting each other, sharing their views and inspiring others. It was just like another magical place. I started quite a few of them in my life: fan blogs about favourite tv show or a celebrity (I’m sure we’ve all been there); lifestyle blog; loosing weight blog; writing a book blog… But it never felt real or just right. I never felt like I’m giving something to the audience, something nourishing. So I asked myself…

What change do I want to see out there?

I’m sure there’s more than just one but the most important for me would be simply being kind and gentle. Living in a fast world that speeds up every single day more and more – we need kindness. We need to realise we’re not alone – there’s almost 8 billion people out there and every single person is just like another universe. I wish we all could notice each other a little bit more and maybe – just maybe – try to be nicer. A single smile, a little bit of effort to comfort the other person — it’s really not that hard. We just seem to be too occupied with everything else that we stop thinking about something so close to us – other human beings.

Having said all that – I know the first person that has to change is myself. I am aware that I have too little kindness and way too much anger in myself at times. Being caused by my own problems or simply by what’s happening around me – I just don’t want it to make me forget that other people feel as well. That they are impacted by me as much as I am by them.

So this is exactly what I want to do – learn how to be more gentle and kind in my everyday life. Learn to notice other’s more and ignore their feelings less. I want to take you with me on this journey to – hopefully – becoming a better person. I want to know what’s your opinion, what you think could be improved – in you or me.

Let’s make this world just a little bit better.


P.S. English is not my first language.


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